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Why Milestone?
    • Buy your property directly from the owner.
      No realtors, no commission fees; we own all the property we sell.
    • Do everything in your preferred language.
      Our multilingual team will walk you through the process in your preferred language!
    • Get all the services you need in one place.
      (Investment packages, financing, property management, facility management)
    • Get a hassle-free investment with yield guarantee.
      We will lease your property at or above the agreed price.
Why Berlin?
  • Residential real estate prices have been rising especially in the last year. With more and more people moving to Berlin, there is a strong need to build and develop new properties to meet the demand. Developments are far behind the needed 10,000 apartments per year, which keeps prices up. Nevertheless, Berlin’s prices are still easily competitive with other top cities in Europe. Average prices per sqm in London are around 10.000 €, in Paris about 8.000 €, in Münich 5.000 € and in Berlin prices go from 1.000 to 4.000 €. The average yield expected from Berlin properties is around 4 % at this moment. The main reason to take advantage of investing in Berlin right now is due to the general direction in which the city is growing.Berlin is in the top three most attractive real estate markets for existing investments, new investments and development (pwc). Both Berlin’s GDP and rise in disposable income are higher than the national average. Digital trading and service industries are growing, while the city still has a strong electrical engineering and chemical industry. It is also a hub for research and development, having 11 state universities and various scientific institutes all nearby. Berlin is also the seat of government and hosts ministries as well as lobby groups. With public administration offices being a strong source of demand, together with all the new and skilled workers migrating to Berlin, the formula spells for a very solid future for real estate investments.
Our city apartments are located in the best areas of Berlin and vary from small entry-level apartments to penthouse lofts and garden apartments. Our Inhouse Architects offer complementary interior customization and our Property Management Team provides an Individual Unit management Service. Whether you are looking for an investment or the home of your dreams, Milestone offers it.

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Milestone Investments offers a range of projects within various price brackets and contribution percentages. Our comprehensive range of in-house services and extensive network with external organizations provides our investors with a tested reliable structure and one point of contact.

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